What’s the connection between Acne and mental wellness?

People can feel incredibly alone in their experience with acne, creating anxiety that only feeds the acne further. It can be an incredibly isolating experience with all the questions and stares you get. Acne can appear anywhere on the  body but the reality is that for most people acne is on their face - the most visible part of our bodies! 

If you’ve never canceled plans because of the pustules on your face,  

Or if you are having a conversation with someone and instead of looking you in the eye you see their eyes wander to your chin, forehead, cheeks…

Or,  If you didn’t have to sleep upright cause your skin hurt so badly you couldn’t stand it resting on your pillow? Then I consider you extremely lucky. It is truly an awful feeling. 

Once enough people choose to ask you about it (“What happened to your skin? “What’s going on with your skin?”) and try to offer all their opinions - you’d rather stay home and remove yourself from social settings. You are too embarrassed to go out and see your family and friends. Acne absolutely can negatively affect your sense of self worth, self image, quality of life, and your self esteem. 

Studies show that teenage girls suffer significant distress from acne, which makes many feel unattractive, and that the longer acne lasts, the more likely it is to affect one’s emotions. (https://www.aad.org/public/diseases/acne/acne-emotional-effects