Happy Skin, Happy Within

When YOU feel good on the inside, YOU shine on the outside & vice versa. It's no secret that our skin's health and appearance can set the tone for your day and how one might see themself.

Well, we want that to be an upbeat tone that you're bopping around to! You've got enough on your plate, so leave the GLOWING skin to us.

Cruelty Free

Sundree products are cruelty free. We love our furry friends and would never do a thing to hurt them,

Worry Free

To keep your skin smiling the Sundree way, we chose to forgo sulfates, phthalates and parabens. It's all vegan.

Giving Back

Before we knew we were Sundree, we knew we were committed to mental health. From day one, we have donated a percentage of every single Sundree.com sale to The Mental Health Coalition.


We'll always stand for inclusivity and equality. We will always turn to our fellow BIPOC community content creators, models and collaborators to tell the story of community.

Our Founders

Sahar Sanjar Dejban (SSD, right) and Sahar Vazin Nezhad (SVN, left) are the childhood besties behind the brand. Their quest to find a single solution to their varying skin types, while also simplifying their daily skincare routines has led to the creation of Sundree.

Built upon a foundation of optimism, confidence, simplicity and effectiveness, they hope to encourage a commitment to skin health by creating #GentleAndMighty products that nourish the skin, enhance your glow and promote #skinlove.

Our Interview with skincare anarchy