Built upon a foundation of optimism, confidence, joy, simplicity and effectiveness, our goal at Sundree is to encourage a commitment to skin health; creating #GentleAndMighty products that nourish the skin, enhancing your glow and promoting #skinlove.

What started out as just a couple of skincare-obsessed friends swapping homemade serums has flourished into a high-efficacy skincare line. We believe that happy skin helps you feel happy within and vice versa— happiness on the inside gives you a natural glow on the outside.

Made in sunny California, Sundree products are the manifestation of a shared vision between Sahar Sanjar Dejban and Sahar Vazin Nezhad, two besties who were looking to simplify their skincare routines and share the countless benefits of CBD with friends like you. Get to know each Sahar better below.


Sundree Founders

SSD’s love of skincare grew out of her frustration with her own skin. After high school, her occasional flare ups became constant, including consistent cystic acne. Throughout college and as she entered a career in public relations and fashion, Sahar knew she had to get this under control because it wasn't just affecting her skin, her confidence and mental strength were also being affected. Seeking the guidance of aestheticians and dermatologists alike, her education in skincare really began. After understanding that our skin can be a reflection of what’s going on internally, SSD sought out skin products with proven efficacy to enhance her skin's texture and purity. Products that would calm the redness and inflammation, actively fight breakouts, and hydrate the skin.

That experience led SSD to merge her passions for skincare with mental health awareness. As an avid advocate of the Mental Health Coalition, her desire is for more people to embrace the fact that happiness is an inside job. Happy Skin, Happy Within is not just a tagline - it is a mantra she lives by, but it takes work and community. The development of Sundree is a natural progression in this journey.

An entrepreneur and true GLOW-getter at heart, SSD has founded multiple successful companies, most notably, laChambre Public Relations. Building brands through strategic VIP placement and media relations over the last 15 years, SSD has worked with some of the world’s most recognizable brands, including Aritzia, Kenneth Cole, Keds, New Balance, Swarovski, Elie Saab, Charlotte Olympia,and many more. Sahar also hopes to see more young, female entrepreneurs and people of color succeed. That’s why she launched INCUBATE, a pro-bono program that supports emerging designers and beauty entrepreneurs within the BIPOC community. SSD is also a founding member of I am a voter., a nonpartisan movement that aims to create a cultural shift around voting and civic engagement.


SVN is a skincare junkie at heart whose obsession with all things skin started at a very early age. As a young girl, SVN watched her mom apply her skincare products gently with ease, always marking the importance of taking care of her skin and having a committed routine to follow. As SVN embarked on the world of being a teenager, she was continuously reminded to wash her face nightly and to apply sunscreen regularly. This is where SVN’s love of skincare began.

After graduating from the USC Marshall School of Business, Sahar attended and graduated law school. As important as her education was to her, deep down, Sahar knew she was meant to answer a higher calling—creating her own brand. She thought to herself, 'What better field to venture into than the one I’ve been a part of since I was a girl—skincare!’

While pregnant, SVN was wary of the potentially toxic and impossible-to-pronounce ingredients in most of her skincare lineup. She also recognized that her seven-step routine was just way too complicated with the number of new responsibilities on her plate. But when she looked for a brand that was clean, simple, effective and affordable, she couldn’t find one. Realizing that skincare doesn’t need to be this complex, she began her journey to simplify skincare with the belief that less is more. Wanting only the best for herself, and women everywhere, she joined forces with SSD to bring Sundree to life.