How to Achieve Glass Skin

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If you are familiar with Korean beauty, you’ve probably heard the term “glass skin”. Korean skincare trends are becoming popular in every corner of the world. Women all across the globe want to achieve glowing, smooth, and soft skin. They have even given up on applying heavy makeup for a natural look. This has made the Korean beauty regimen a popular choice for women worldwide.

What is Glass Skin?

Glass skin is all about having a clear complexion, smooth texture, and hydrated skin that gives out the appearance of glass, trying to achieve that youthful and radiant skin. Glass skin appears poreless, luminous, and translucent. But it’s not just about having skin that looks like glass. It’s about having healthy skin.

How to Achieve Glass Skin?

Even though glass skin looks great, achieving it is not easy. First, you must follow a proper skincare routine and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

To get the most out of your skincare regime, choose products that will hydrate, repair, and nourish your skin and not irritate it. You have to make sure that your skin is well-nourished from within. Only then you’ll achieve the glow that will give your skin that silky, smooth, and radiant look you are striving for. 

It can take time to develop and maintain this kind of flawless skin. But the effort is worth it as it makes your skin appear more healthy, youthful, and luminous. Achieve glass skin by regularly applying the right products and maintaining a proper skincare routine. Here is a step-by-step guide.

Switch to Double Cleansing - Cleansing is one of the most important things you need to do daily to keep your skin healthy. Getting rid of dirt, makeup, and other impurities that accumulate on your face every day is essential. 

With so many options, you can use a gentle foaming cleanser, cleansing oil, or cream. Make sure to choose a cleanser that suits your skin type. 

Micellar water and cleansing oils are suitable for those who have oily skin.¹ Creamy cleansers are better for dry skin. For double cleansing, it is recommended to first wash the face with an oil-based cleanser or micellar water that would not deprive the skin of its oil and then follow up with a gentle foaming cleanser to help get rid of the remaining dirt and debris from the skin.

Slough Away Dull Skin - Exfoliation is a fundamental step in any skincare routine. Without exfoliation, your skin can look dull and lifeless. The best approach to exfoliating skin is to use a gentle exfoliator that will not irritate your skin. Use it several times weekly to buff away dry, dead skin cells.

A good exfoliator will also clean your face and get rid of blackheads. In addition, it softens the skin and opens congested pores, making it easier for your other skincare products to penetrate. 

When using a physical exfoliator, it should be done gently, and it's best to massage in circular motions. It can stimulate blood circulation and promote lymphatic drainage, flushing out toxins, improving skin elasticity, and giving your skin a radiant glow. 

Physical exfoliators come in many forms, such as scrubs, microbeads, or finely ground sugar, coffee, and oatmeal. You can also slough off your dry, dull skin with a chemical exfoliator such as BHAs or beta hydroxy acids (salicylic acid being the most famous) and AHAs or alpha hydroxy acids (like glycolic or lactic acid).

Don’t Skip a Toner - To have a gorgeous-looking, glowing complexion, you should add a toner as part of your daily skincare routine. It will help you achieve the perfect pH level for your skin.² You can also use a toner with a spritzer bottle for easy application. A toner can also have anti-inflammatory and astringent properties, which may cleanse the skin, tighten pores, and dry out excessive sebum.³

Try an Essence - Essences are the center of attention in the Korean beauty regime. Essence has a light texture and can be applied directly to the skin. All you need to do is pour the essence into the palm of your hand and pat it on the skin. An essence can hydrate the skin and reduce pigmentation and redness. In addition, applying an essence helps your skincare products penetrate better.

Apply a Facial Serum or Ampoule - An essential part of achieving glass skin is having a good facial serum. Ampoules are much more potent than facial serums and are not for everyday use. Facial serums can be applied twice a day and are a very effective way to deliver active ingredients to your skin. Most facial serums contain highly concentrated ingredients that target skin problems like wrinkles, dull skin, pigmentation, and open pores.

For clear skin, opt for a hydrating facial serum with nourishing ingredients. Hyaluronic acid is raved about for its moisturizing and hydrating properties, revealing that natural glow needed for perfect glass skin.


Sundree's RYSE+SHYNE facial serum is a lightweight hydrating, and nourishing serum. It's packed with hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, vitamin C, and CBD to help minimize the appearance of pores while brightening your complexion. This hydrating facial serum works well with all skin types and is vegan and cruelty-free. It is a must-have if you are trying to achieve glass skin!

Deeply Moisturize Your Skin - Moisturizing is needed every day, and it is one of the easiest methods to help add a healthy glow to your skin. Look for a moisturizer that will give you an instant burst of hydration.

Moisturizers that contain specific ingredients will do the trick. These include hydrating botanical extracts, potent hydrators, and antioxidants. A good moisturizer should also help boost the natural repair systems of your skin. Besides hydrating, different moisturizers can also help with dark spots, wrinkles, redness, and other skin issues. Moisturizing daily can help give out that firm, plump, youthful look to the skin.

Apply an Eye Cream - A good eye cream will help keep the fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes less noticeable. In addition, an effective eye cream with collagen can help reduce the signs of aging and maintain hydration of the delicate and sensitive skin around the eye area, which can help lessen the appearance of fine lines. 

Applying an eye cream daily can diminish the appearance of dark circles, wrinkles, puffiness, and bags under your eyes. Eye creams rich in vitamins K, C, A, and E, can also help reduce your dark circles. In addition, caffeine-containing creams and serums can help with puffiness and eye bags.

Use Sunscreen Religiously - There are plenty of ways to protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays. One of the most effective ways to keep your skin guarded is sunblock. Most people think sunscreen is only needed when outside and exposed to direct sunlight, but sunscreen is essential whether you are in-door or out-door.

Load Your Skincare with Facial Sheet Masks - Achieving that flawless Korean glass skin is impossible without a good face mask. Sheet masks are the heart of glass skin. Facial sheet masks are thin pieces of fiber, cotton, Tencel, bio-cellulose or other materials infused with skin-hydrating ingredients and vitamins. Apart from giving an instant boost and calming effect, these masks are easy to use and give you plenty of time to lay and relax!

Sundree's HAPPY GLOW LUCKY glow sheets are a great way to boost your skincare routine. These hydrating face masks include hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, glycerin, and vitamin c to soothe and brighten skin. Just leave it on for 15 minutes for more supple skin with a happy glow.

Final Thoughts

Glass skin is one of the latest trends in the beauty world that everyone wants. After all, who doesn’t want to achieve beautiful, soft, glowing skin? However, if you desire a healthy-looking and luminous complexion, it will take a bit of your time and commitment. A radiant complexion is possible by adopting an appropriate skincare routine that uses hydrating, moisturizing, and brightening elements. Then, start by using the right skincare products and ingredients to achieve that luminous glass skin.



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