The difference between PURGING and BREAKING-OUT

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the difference between purging and breaking out.

Purging is a moment in time where your skin is DETOXING and typically starts when you have introduced a new product into your skincare routine with ingredients that your skin might not yet be familiar with, more specifically if that ingredient is targeting cell turnover. What is happening is that the blemishes that were straight chillin’ under the surface of your skin are slowly drawn out. Purging only happens on areas of the skin where you would typically experience a breakout. This is not a bad thing and does not mean you should shun the product. Just like our thumbprint - no two humans have the same skin nor do they react to product in the same way.

Breakouts are hormone and stress induced or caused by products like moisturizers or sunscreen. It can also be caused by the foods you are eating (Dairy and sweets are a pretty big culprit for many), and can occur if you aren’t washing your pillowcases regularly. Breakouts typically appear in new areas in about 8-10 days while purging subsides much more quickly (although can last up to a month in some cases). 

Want to dive a little deeper? We admire LabMuffinBeautyScience and found her short video super informative  and we think you will too. @ScienceBecomesHer